Gugger's Red Iowa & Gugger's Usher

lives together with

Lea & Thomas



Gugger's Blue Iris

is living in Holbæk together with

the MCO-boy Mystique

Carsten and the family


Gugger's Blue Gertrud &   Gugger's Ikaros (aka Cæsar)

vas living with a loving family in Kokkedal


Gugger's Jaffa
  Gugger's Lawa 

is living together with

Sara, Rasmus, William & Téa

in Fodby by Næstved



Gugger's Kornelius

has living in his new home

together vith his new friends

in Copenhagen


   Gugger's Joker (aka Gismo) 
Gugger's Lucca

has had a loving life with there family

in Skibby


Gugger's Ludwig

is living together with

Henrik and family


Gugger's Nevada (aka Victor)

Lives together with a

red Brithis Shorthair boy

and a loving family in Greve


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