Living in other Cattery


Gugger's Gipsy
    November 17.2005 

Gugger's Red Gillmore

Juni 03.20013


Gillmore is living as neutered
with Pia & Jean in  Cattery *Boromir*   
Thanks to Pia and Jean for giving them a loving home
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Gugger's Maxi Red River

 Thanks to Anette for giving
Red River a loving home in
Cattery *Maxi Coon*


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Gugger's Pontia

Thanks to Dorthe & Jan

for giving Pontia

a loving home in

Cattry *Peaceful House*

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Gugger's Morning Star


Tank's to Rikke and Stephen

for giving Morning

a loving home in

Cattry *Coon Hills* - *Stutteri Bakken*



Gugger's Virgil

Thank's to Dorthe

for giving Virgil a loving home in

Cattery *AMISTIA*

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