Gugger's Olfert

Lives together with

his great family


Gugger's Quarck

is living togethe with a loving family





Gugger's Rosie (aka Minnie)

Lives together with

Caroline, Simon, Jens og Nanna


Gugger's Black Renault (aka Zeus)

lives together with

Morten, Nicolaj, Anders, Diana & Steen

and the old maine coon *Mischa*


Gugger's Star Shine

Live in his new home

with Pia and all the animals





  Gugger's Red fire from Hekla   - Gugger's Limosa -   Gugger's Super Star
lives together with
Helle & Kenneth



Gugger's Thjalfe




Gugger's Prince William

Lives together with Ib & Margit



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