Gugger's Aquavitus - (aka Sylvester)      
   March 16. 2005 
Gugger's Amedeus
March 31.2010 

Big thanks to the  loving family in Skibby
who takes care of Amedeus and Aquvitus
after moving from there second home
(*The third time is the lucky time*)


Gugger's King Arthur

King Arthur

Was living together with his loving fameily

  Oct. 2008


Gugger's Baloo (aka Fellini)

lives together with Lone & Lars






                    Gugger's Berlioze

Gugger's Charouth & Gugger's Cigurth



Gugger's Defoe (aka Fnulle)

was living together with Annette
in Hillerød

  Juli 2009



Gugger's Daisy and Carstle Rock Ace of Spade (aka Felix)
is living together with Lea & André in Copenhagen





    † 13.08.2009 

                             Gugger's Silver Pirol                              Gugger's Fellini  

  is living together with some house-cats - and Pia & Henning in Frederiksberg



 Gugger's Freud
(aka Frede)

is living togethe with his new family
in Helsingør

 † 24.11.2013 


Gugger's Gaia

Lives together with two other MCO girls
Ferrari and Mona Lisa

and Susanne

in Jyllinge


Gugger's King Georg
(aka Gogge)

is living with Mette and her family

in Copenhagen


Gugger's Herakles

is living in Sønderjylland

with his new family




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